• When is a vineyard ready for harvest?

    Harvest time – so how do we know when the grapes are ready to be picked?

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    It may seem pretty obvious, but in fact a great deal of care needs to be taken to ensure the grapes are ripe for the particular wine you plan to make. We started our harvest this year in early September, as the first of our grapes became fully ripe. So, what exactly is ripeness in grapes and how do we test for it?

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  • Wine Fermentation Process

    Fermentation requires two things : sugars and yeasts. A ripe organic grape is full of natural sugars and there are wild yeasts living on its skin. As soon as the skin of the grape is broken, fermentation can begin. To make wine, all the winemaker has to do is collect his grapes and gently crush them, releasing the sugary juice and exposing it to the yeasts. Fermentation will continue until all the sugar has been turned into alcohol or the level of alcohol in the juice reaches around fifteen percent, whichever is sooner. At around fifteen percent alcohol, the yeasts will die naturally and any left over sugars will remain in the wine. Continue reading Wine Fermentation Process

  • Winery of the year

    Mount Pleasant was so named by Maurice O’Shea, its sole owner from 1922–32, its co-owner (with McWilliam’s) until 1941 and then simply its winemaker and manager until his death in 1956. And before I continue the story, I cannot help but say how utterly remarkable McWilliam’s role was. Based in the Riverina, they were makers of fortified wines. While it was (and remains) a mighty clan, I have not read or heard of a senior clansman who had an understanding of light to medium-bodied shirazs in the 1920s or 1930s.

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